Something important happened this past Saturday, and HMS career explorations teacher Sarah McManus deserves a lot of credit for making it happen.  In an effort to learn about entrepreneurship during the third six weeks, her students had to create a business, develop a business plan, research some of the rules of charitable organizations, and then create products, which they sold at their Business for a Better World fair on Saturday.  Shoppers bought tickets, which they traded for a variety of goods at the student vendors’ tables throughout the exhibit hall at the Henderson Civic Center.


Students had to do a substantial amount of research for their projects.  Since they worked in teams, they also had to collaborate with each other in the development of their businesses, their business plans, and their products.  Since each student at the middle school campus has his/her own Chromebook, the tasks involved in researching, drafting documents, and collaborating were easier to accomplish because of their devices.


Mrs. McManus’s class is made up of eighth grade students, and the course does have TEKS (See, but students who are not in her class actually teamed up with those who are to assist.


What a wealth of real-world learning opportunities our middle school students were able to experience through this project.  And to make a great project even better, each student chose a charity and the proceeds from the fair (which totaled over $1,700) will be donated to the charities of the students who earned the most tickets at Saturday’s fair.